So you want to create an aesthetically pleasing gallery wall but don’t know where to start? We have a few ideas to get you on track to creating the wall of your dreams. 

The Colour Scheme

The art to creating a great gallery wall is for multiple prints to work alongside each other, instead of competing with one another. A great way to ensure this is the use of colour. Much like layering an outfit, pairing artwork of a similar tone creates a luxurious aesthetic.. To make this simple, we have categorised the prints into the appropriate colour palette such as ‘natural tones’.

“Pairing artwork of a similar tone will create a luxurious aesthetic.”

The Hero Print

The colour scheme has been decided, now what? This is where your personality can be communicated and bring your home to life! Our designs are special to us and picking q favourite is just too hard. When creating a gallery wall, we usually pick a theme or a hero product that we want to be the focal point. The hero product sits in the centre of your gallery and is usually the largest print in the collection. This way, she gets the attention she deserves. We have highlighted some art posters below that make ideal hero products.

The Hero’s Friends

Once decided on your hero you can pick elements of that print to highlight. For instance, the ‘Easy Tiger’ print has red accents, we know that another red print will work alongside without adding to the original colour palette. If the hero print is fairly busy, we would suggest pairing with simple artwork. This would enable you to create an evenly balanced gallery wall.

A great way to do this is by using a simple illustration graphic or one of our clean typography prints. If you would like your hero product to follow a theme, matching your print to other artworks of the same calibre is a failsafe way of creating a seamless gallery wall. An easy example of this is combining our prints from the ‘media collection’ Although these pieces of art are all fairly eye-catching, they follow the rule of similar tones and communicate the same message, ensuring a perfect pairing.

Gallery wall inspiration featuring three prints from the 'Media Collection'
Gallery wall inspiration featuring graphical illustration and typography prints.

The Best Frames To Create A Gallery Wall

So you’ve picked your artwork however some prints may be communicating different messages, to marry these together we suggest a one-colour palette frame for all. With the consistent frame colour, the gallery wall becomes one piece of art instead of individual prints fighting for the viewer’s attention.

We hope these tips have been helpful and given you the inspiration for your next gallery wall creation!

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