So you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to choose the best art prints for your living room?

We have you covered! Here at Saint Porter, we are passionate about great design and chic interiors so we are going to share some of the things we look out for when designing art posters, and how to get the best out of your purchase! There is an art print or poster for everyone, whether you want to create a cosy, relaxed living room, or you are a lover of a vibrant statement, we have you covered!

Saint Porter line art poster with frame.

Think Colour:

The shades of the art print should compliment the colour scheme of your living room. This can be done by choosing hues that fit within the same tonal palette for a harmonious feel, alternatively, you can choose an opposing colour for a bold contrast. You can find the perfect shade by looking at what is opposite on the colour wheel. 

Saint Porter graphic print posters add interest to your interiors.

Your Style:

This is where your personality can really shine through your choice of art style. Your living room art print should reflect your own personal taste and communicate to your guests who you are and what your vibe is! You can choose from a wide range of art poster styles such as minimalist, vintage, abstract, pop art, and more. For example, choosing art prints containing natural elements such as landscapes and natural textures will convey an earthy, rustic vibe. You can even choose a style or theme that relates to your passions or hobbies, your posters should make you feel good and inspired. Are you a travel enthusiast? Check out some beautiful photographic prints that showcase your favourite landscapes or cities. More of a music buff? Look for retro record art or typography-based art posters featuring song lyrics from your favourite band.    

Saint Porter Illustrated posters create a focal point in a minimal living room.

The Size:

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter! The dimensions of the art poster should match the size of the wall and surrounding furniture. A large wall space with a small singular art print will get lost and create an awkward unbalance in the home. That same awkwardness can be found if the artwork is too large for the room, your poster needs to be surrounded by a fair amount of space to make sure it is the star of the show, not suffocating an overcrowded room. A great rule of thumb is to fill around two-thirds of the space with art, you can do this with one singular large piece or create a living room gallery wall with multiple complimentary prints.

Saint Porter photographic posters compliment your living area.

Quality Check:

 The quality of the art print or poster should be high enough to stand the test of time, we only use the very best paper stocks, and every single one of them is from FSC® certified suppliers.

Saint Porter Illustrated artwork is high quality and long-lasting.

In Summary:

These are some of the top tips for you to consider when looking for living room artwork, we hope you found them helpful and just remember to have fun with it. Art is a form of expression, there is no right and wrong so relax, get browsing and add those art posters to your cart!

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